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Effective manual therapy and resources for stress, injury, and persistent pain

Massage therapy is an evidence-based, non-invasive, and supportive treatment for a broad range of complaints and conditions, including injuries, chronic pain, stress, and mood conditions. Because pain and stress are complex, whole-person problems - not simply "issues in the tissues" - my approach is designed to help you understand your condition and take charge of your path to wellness. I am not your typical "fix-it" massage therapist

At Portland Massage & Pain Care, my priority is providing safe, effective, and affordable care tailored for YOU! I strive to provide a welcoming, affirming, and trauma-informed therapeutic space for all clients regardless of gender, sexuality, race, age, class, or body size. 

 Whether you are looking for a relaxing, spa-style massage, or a clinical approach with a detailed treatment plan, I can help you...

  • Recover from injury and return to activity

  • Address nagging areas of soreness or tension

  • Alleviate the effects of a stressful environment
  • Moderate the effects of anxiety and depression

  • Live well with persisting pain

  • Move and feel good!!

Portland Massage & Pain Care is the private practice of Mark Retzlaff. Oregon LMT License #18181.