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Treatment Approach

Personalized and evidenced-informed massage therapy

How can I help you?

Our treatments are built around your goals, so we start with a conversation about why you're seeking massage. Together we will form a treatment plan that may be very simple (for example: monthly relaxation massages) or more specific and short-term (for example: a series of 3-10 treatments for a specific injury or complaint).

How does "interactive manual therapy" work?

I describe my approach as a guided exploration of the body-mind, rather than simple physical assessment and correction. My goal is to desensitize the nervous system and build resilience, not to find and fix flaws. It's "search-and-rescue", not "search-and-destroy".

An interactive approach means we playfully, yet systematically, investigate movements and postures that feel easy and comfortable, and contrast those with those that feel painful or restricted. Working together, we can 

  1. Identify positions of comfort and those that may provoke symptoms 

  2. Calm the nervous system by gently and mindfully exploring the threshold between comfort and provocation

  3. Learn how the skills we develop in our session can be employed as part of a self-care practice that builds resiliency and adaptability

A variety of exploratory movements and sustained manual pressure are used to calm the nervous system and help you move with greater ease and less strain. This process is inspired by the manual therapy philosophy  "DermoNeuroModulating,"  which means 'changing the nervous system by interacting with the skin.'

What about those days when I just need to relax?

I get it. Sometimes, all I need is to get comfortable and receive some caring attention. If that's your situation on the day you come see me, our best option may be a more traditional massage session with minimal movement and repositioning. I'm more than happy to provide that as well!

Each session at Portland Massage and Pain Care is customized to your needs. I will always talk before your session to decide on the best approach for you.